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The Profit Platform

Sell an experience and increase Your Profits.


What is the Profit Platform?

Take your lanes to the next level with the Profit Platform®! With our easy to ship, install, and store system, you will be able to host events directly on your lanes when they are not being utilized during your peak bowling hours. Our customers have increased their profits by hosting:

  • Concerts and Performances

  • Weddings and Private Events

  • Conferences

  • Competitions

  • Spin and Yoga Classes - and more!

Maximize the ROI of your center's square footage and take your F&B profits through the roof!

It's easy to get started. Just call or email us with your profitable vision and we will help you make it a reality by guiding you to the right size platform, introducing you to the best Profit Platform® users and offering a connection for you to bowling industry marketing professionals that help you execute and profit better than ever.

Happy Profiting!

Profit Platform Team


On The Lanes Bowling Alley Events

The "sacred ground" of bowling is changing. The lane area is becoming part of a new business platform thanks to the patent pending Profit Platform®. Whether its bands on the lanes, charity events on the lanes, weddings on the lanes, the 60%-ish square footage of a bowling center's total space that makes up the lane area is now fair game for increasing profits beyond bowling. Using that space could mean the difference between closing the business and thriving. Over the last 30 years 6,000+ centers have closed in the U.S. mainly because the return on that retail space has not been maximized. It's time we started multi-tasking our lanes.

Bowling Centers are awesome retail facilities. Consumers know where they are...usually on or just off the main drag. They have easy parking, great food and beverage, friendly staff plus a lot of fun inside. So if you periodically add special events in the large lane area with an economical, portable, modular stage you now have a new business platform from which you can build additional profits and attract new customers. For example...

SpareZ, a 64 lane center in Davie, FL uses their Profit Platform® for charity & corporate events - selling out the entire center. As Joe Schumacker, past BPAA President & owner says, "...the visual impact created by using the Profit Platform® sets the event apart from any other".


Patent No. 8387312
Patent No. 8863441

Specs from the Profit Platform

Simple two component design links together 
down the lane and 2 x 4's bridge across lanes 
to link up assemblies. Just add a plywood floor. 
Make your platform and profits as large as you want.

Lumber and Plywood not included.

Manufactured with recycled plastics
to help our environment.

An Event With Profit Platform

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