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Profit Platform Installation


You can view and print a pdf of these tips or click through the "Next" and Previous" links here on the site.

The initial installation of your Profit Platform requires Profit Platform parts*, materials purchased locally, installation tools and a qualified carpenter**. Make sure you get your in house personnel (mechanic, porter, etc.) involved in the initial installation as it will be easier for them to set up the Profit Platform in the future. Set up is typically done in half the time it takes for initial installation. Identifying the various parts (color coding / numbering) and storing in a first in, last out sequence will insure efficient setup so we cover this in the following pages. Before initial installation we strongly suggest you pre-cut all short 2X4's and color code them as follows:

Single Division 2 X 4's are 23 1/2" long, color coded RED
Double Division (aka ball track cover) 2 X 4's are 31 1/4" long and color coded GREEN 
Support Link 2 X 4's are 21 1/8" long and color coded BLACK

(To find the quantity of these various 2 X 4's needed, click on MATERIALS NEEDED)

After cutting each specific dimension, stack on edge and spray the appropriate color paint on the 2 X 4's edge for easy identification and use.

*To verify you have the correct quantity of PPF-100's and SL-200's, click on Calculating Costs and see the "Quick Order Spreadsheet".

For your Profit Platform initial installation, a qualified carpenter or staff member will be needed.


  1. Circular (Skil) saw with good plywood veneer blades.

  2. Straight edge with "C" clamps for accurately cutting plywood to length (DO NOT FREE HAND CUT).

  3. Chop saw with good cross cut blades to cut 2 X 4's to needed lengths.

  4. Power screw gun/drill with drive bits for #10 FHWS. Must be strong enough to drive screws through 3/4" plywood and into 2 X 4 grid in Profit Platform assembly.

  5. Heavy Duty, large felt tip pens with permanent ink for marking long 2 X 4's.

  6. Spray paint (Red, Green, and Black) for marking short 2 X 4's and plywood (bottom sides).

  7. Dry line to make sure platform grid is in line with the lane edges.


  1. Lumber. * Good construction grade or better, dry 2 X 4's. Straight and minimum crown.

  2. Plywood. * 4' X 8' X 3/4" A/C minimum, no internal voids. Ideally, hardwood A face.

  3. Screws. Flat head wood screws (FHWS) with phillips or hex drive. Two sizes: #10 X 1 1/2" and 
    #10 X 2 1/2" .

  4. Heavy duty paper rolls. Recommended 40" wide 50 LB., 720 feet / roll, available from local sources or visit (product # S-2699). Roll on to lane and / or approach before placing Profit Platform to help mitigate Platform creepage.

For more specifications and quantities for the above Materials 1-4, see Materials Needed.

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