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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

The "sacred ground" of bowling is changing. The lane area is becoming part of a new business platform thanks to the patent pending Profit Platform®. Whether its bands on the lanes, charity events on the lanes, weddings on the lanes, the 60%-ish square footage of a bowling center's total space that makes up the lane area is now fair game for increasing profits beyond bowling. Using that space could mean the difference between closing the business and thriving. Over the last 30 years 6,000+ centers have closed in the U.S. mainly because the return on that retail space has not been maximized. It's time we started multi-tasking our lanes.

Bowling Centers are awesome retail facilities. Consumers know where they are...usually on or just off the main drag. They have easy parking, great food and beverage, friendly staff plus a lot of fun inside. So if you periodically add special events in the large lane area with an economical, portable, modular stage you now have a new business platform from which you can build additional profits and attract new customers. For example...

SpareZ, a 64 lane center in Davie, FL uses their Profit Platform® for charity & corporate events - selling out the entire center. As Joe Schumacker, past BPAA President & owner says, "...the visual impact created by using the Profit Platform® sets the event apart from any other".

John Losito, the general manager of Sun Valley Lanes 24 lane center in Lincoln, NB states, " We purchased our Profit Platform® to host live, local bands on the lanes. That kind of entertainment makes Sun Valley Lanes unique and generates additional revenue...increases F & B, also showcases our business...setting up the opportunity to create a community buzz and sign up new bowlers"

General Manager Mike Burnside at the 32 lane Colony Park Lanes East said "The night of the concert we did $4700 just in bowling. The same Saturday the year before we only did $1900. Then in the bar that night we did $3800 as opposed to $1200 the year before. . . so after all costs we were up roughly $3500 just in one day! We've had 5 shows and every one of them has been a success."

Holiday Bowl, a 32 lane center in Bossier City, LA was recently featured in a on line news article after they used their Profit Platform® for bands on the lanes.

So  far this month we have shipped Profit Platforms® to AMF Centereach Lanes in Long Island, NY ~ Cedar Lanes in Lebanon, PA ~ S.I. Family Fun Bowl in Carterville, IL ~ Ernst Lanes in Chardon, OH ~ River City Extreme in Monticello, MN and Skylark Lanes at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. Our customer list keeps growing because our customers' profits are growing.


Savas G. Logothetides
General Manager
Strike Zone Alley and Strikers Pub

Strike Zone Alley

2501 West End Ave.
Pottsville, PA 17901 
(570) 622-8740

PROFIT PLATFORM USE: High Energy Bands on the Lanes

Click the Play button in the video below to see Strike Zone Alley's Promo Video

"Having the Profit Platform allowed us to get creative. So we developed a new business model with high energy bands on the lanes with bowling all around. The ROI for every event we have staged has exceeded all expectations with revenue 4-5 times higher compared to the same time the year before. Now when we run events, Strike Zone Alley is the place to be plus we have been able to include charitable events that are good for everyone, our center's public image and bowling in general. The Profit Platform has given us a new business platform to increase profits, ramp up the fun factor and bond with our community in a unique way."


Joe Schumacker,
Past BPAA President

5325 South University Drive
Davie, FL 33328
(954) 547 - 4196

OMG GirlZ Event


Click the Play button in the video below to see OMG GirlZ Performing at SpareZ


OMG GirlZ Event

See the video above and read about how Joe and his GM used the Profit Platform® to expand an opportunity.

We are using the Profit Platform® every Friday night for live entertainment. Two weeks ago we worked with the same radio station which first connected us with Flo Rida. At first, they wanted to use our bar (capacity 300) for a short event with OMG GirlZ. The group is three teen girls with family connections to hip hop. John, our GM, spoke to them about taking the event out to the lanes using the Platform. The YouTube video is that event. You will not have to look hard to see the prominence of the Platform. Note over 1,100 tickets were sold for the event at $20 per ticket. Food sales for the evening were up by over $3,000. The Profit Platform® needs to be standard equipment of any bowling center looking to carve out a place in the teen/young adult marketplace.


Paul Glantz
Founder / Chairman
Emagine Entertainment, Inc.

Phone: (248) 842 - 5817

Emagine Entertainment

"We recently expanded our business beyond its exclusive focus on filmed entertainment to include upscale boutique bowling. To kick-off our latest venture, we hosted an entire weekend of gala charity preview parties to introduce Emagine Royal Oak and Star Lanes to the marketplace. The celebrations included a presentation to honorees recognized for their contributions to the local community, and we needed a central focal point from which to do so. The Profit Platform was ideally suited to the need. We positioned it out on the lanes accessible via the red carpet. In doing so, both our spectacular bowling center and our honorees were front and center for everyone to experience. The Profit Platform really helped us deliver our message: 'Star Lanes, where you're the Star'."


Joe Schumacker,
Past BPAA President

5325 South University Drive
Davie, FL 33328

Colony Park Lanes East


  • Awards Ceremonies Stage

  • Special Guests Introductions

  • Live Entertainment Platform

"From the first time I first saw the Profit Platform I knew it would be a winner.   Over the past several years our fund raiser and group events business has grown tremendously.  I was looking for that extra edge I could provide to make our events truly memorable.   The Profit Platform creates an environment where the event is the star.   Whether it is an awards ceremony, introduction of special guests, or live entertainment,  the visual impact created by using the Profit Platform sets the event apart from any other.   If you want to raise the bar on the impact created by your events purchase a GKM Profit Platform."

30 South 130 East
North Salt Lake, UT
(801) 577-0871

Meridee Lake - Owner


Orchard Lanes

Meridee Lake had always wanted to be married in her bowling center on lane 9. So it was fortuitous that she would meet Karen Murrey at Bowl Expo in 2010. Karen told Meridee about her product, the Profit Platform and how it could be used to stage special events on bowling lanes. They kept in touch and one day Meridee, proprietor of Orchard Lanes in North Salt Lake, Utah called GKM to order her very own Profit "Wedding" Platform. Her wedding planner has arranged a ceremonial canopy that attached to the Platform as a finishing touch.

The wedding took place Spring of 2011 and Meridee sent pictures to GKM. Karen commented, "It is so much fun to sell a product that can benefit so many people and in Meridee's case - help to create a positive, lifetime memory". Meridee emailed us and simply said, "Thanks for making my dreams come true".


  • A most important Wedding.


Jupiter Bowl
10902 Center Dr.
Park City UT 84098
Jon Schoek
Jupiter Bowl - Managing Partner

Phone: 435-658-2695

Jupiter Bowl

"We'd recommend the Profit Platform as a way to increase any center's profits. Set up time for our 4 lanes wide X 48' deep (approx. 1000 sq ft) Platform is about 2 hours and we are currently using it for a weekend dance floor with a DJ booth located by our Media Wall. We have some large corporate events planned for the Profit Platform as well.

Additionally, Jupiter Bowl is a new center in the upscale Park City, UT area where the world famous Sundance Film Festival takes place every year. We plan on having a crowd here next Festival and Jupiter Bowl will host the latest movie premiers on our Media Wall, charge for seating on the Platform plus enjoy a significant increase in our F & B profits. "


321 Victory Lane
Lincoln, NE 68528
(402) 475-3469

John Losito: General Manager

Sun Valley Lanes

"We purchased our Profit Platform to have live, local bands on the lanes. That kind of entertainment makes Sun Valley Lanes unique and generates additional revenue. It not only increases our F & B, it also showcases our business to customers that may not be bowlers, setting up the opportunity to create a community buzz and sign up new bowlers that might not have otherwise considered bowling.

Beyond that, we actually had a situation occur where the Profit Platform came to our rescue, and it was during the 2010 National Special Olympic Games. We were able to make a small 'bleacher' section using our meeting room chairs to improve spectator seating when we were shorted a set of bleachers for the event. The best part was that due to the unique design of the Profit Platform, we were able to custom make the shape of the section to meet our concourse needs in a very short period of time. It was a win-win-win for the spectators, my staff and center."


  • Bands On The Lanes
    Special Olympics Stage

  • Concourse Spectator Seating Support.



Eastern Sports

Referring to the Japan CupCorrespondence from Miki Carstens USA liaison for the Eastern Sports- Mr. Kato says, "They assembled the platform as a rehearsal for the Japan Cup and there were no problems. They should be able to do more efficiently for the real thing after this practice."

Mr. Kato says, "That the upcoming event they're currently planning/preparing for using the Profit Platform is a tournament at the end of June. It's the Ladies Open Pro Tournament, sponsored by DHC, a Japanese cosmetic company. There are about ten of these tournaments throughout the year."


  • Spectators viewing the tournament on the lanes at the 2010 Japan Cup

  • Additional tournaments


3477 E. Gage Ave. 
Huntington Park, CA 90255

Doug Sevela - Owner

Gage Bowl

"We now set up our 2 lane wide X 8' deep Profit Platform in 20 minutes with 2 of our center personnel. That includes the posts, rails and drapes - everything. The Platform's location, our lighting and the DJ we have spices up what was a slow night. It also gets the word going that Gage Bowl is mixing it up, so come look and experience this new form of entertainment. Sing, dance, eat, drink and bowl all in one place - nobody else does that.

We also have used the Profit Platform as a Karaoke stage for that competition's finalists adding a dramatic effect and getting everyone, not just the bar patrons (where we usually have Karaoke), a chance to enjoy their friends' performances while eating and drinking. "


  • Karaoke Stage on the Lanes

  • DJ Booth on the Lanes

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