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Duckpin Bowling & The Profit Platform At Home

Duckpin Bowling History?

Duckpin bowling is said to have begun in Baltimore around the year 1894. However, its origins have been disputed amongst enthusiasts and some believe that the game dates back even further.

Duckpin bowling was not an organized sport until 1927 with the founding of the NDBC (The National Duckpin Bowling Congress). By 1953, the first ever automatic duckpin bowling pinsetter was created by Ken Sherman. This pinsetter design incorporated over 1,000 moving parts.

In 2016, it was reported by the NDBC that there were only 41 congress certified duckpin bowling alleys left. This is a huge drop in numbers as there were reportedly around 450 duckpin bowling locations in 1963.

What Is Duckpin Bowling?

Private Duckpin Bowling Alley

Duckpin bowling is very similar to traditional ten pin bowling with some slight differences. The duckpin bowling balls are significantly smaller than your usual bowling ball and the ball has no finger holes.

What Are Duckpin Bowling Balls Made Of?

  • Duckpin balls are made of rubber or a synthetic hybrid, keeping to the same size and weight requirements as a 5 pin bowling ball.

How Many Pins In Duckpin Bowling?

  • There are ten pins used. The pins used are shorter and slightly thinner than traditional pins. Duckpin bowling allows three rolls per frame as opposed to two, similar to candlepin bowling.

Why Is It Called Duckpin Bowling?

  • The Pittsburgh Press on March 3, 1929 ran an article stating that Wilbert Robinson named the sport of duckpin bowling.

  • The name duckpin bowling was coined by Wilbert Robinson and John McGraw when they experienced their first game. They said that the pins getting knocked over looked like a flock of flying ducks. Sportswriter Bill Clarke of the Baltimore Morning Sun then christened the pins as “Duckpins”.

Duckpin Bowling Rules | How To Play Duckpin Bowling

Similar to ten pin bowling , duckpin bowlers try to knock down as many pins in the fewest rolls per game frame as possible. Unlike traditional bowling, duckpin bowlers will receive three balls per frame instead of two to knock over ten pins. This is because in duckpin bowling, scoring is much more difficult with a smaller ball.

How To Score in Duckpin Bowling | How To Strike In Duckpin Bowling

When a bowler knocks down all ten pins on the first frame it is considered a duckpin bowling strike. If they knock down all pins within two frames it is then considered a spare. Very similar to traditional bowling.

But when a bowler knocks down all of the pins on the third frame it is considered a ten. If there are still pins left over after the 3 frame, the bowler will receive a point for each pin they have knocked down.

If the bowler has received a strike, they will get a bonus ten points added to the number of pins they knock down with their remaining two balls with a maximum of 30 points per frame.

If it takes three balls to knock down all of the pins, the bowler gets ten points with no additional bonus points.

The final score is the sum of a bowler's points earned over 10 frames. Added up on a duckpin bowling score sheet, the maximum points that can be earned in a game is 300 points. This can be accomplished by rolling 12 strikes in a row but to this day, a perfect game (300) has never been achieved officially.

Tips For Duckpin Bowling

  • Make sure that your throws are consistent, the feel will be different as the weight and ball style are different, but locking down consistency when throwing the ball is key.

  • When the pins are arranged untouched, the first hit should be focused at the “pocket” which is the area between the first and third pin.

  • Avoid lofting the ball as this can damage the lane.

Duckpin Bowling At Home

Duckpin Bowling Pins

Lots of people see home bowling alleys and bowling equipment as a luxurious addition to their home. Duckpin bowling is a great option for an entertaining bowling game at the house. Duckpin bowling sets are relatively affordable and make a great pastime or icebreaker when you have company over.

When it comes to duckpin bowling dimensions, all duckpin bowling lanes are identical in size to regular bowling alley lanes; the gutters on a duckpin lane are usually a tich smaller though. This means that a duckpin bowling lane cost will be essentially the same as building a traditional bowling lane. Depending on your duckpin bowling machine setup you could probably incorporate both games on the same lane with some minor adjustments.

Aside from the duckpin bowling costs associated with adding a bowling lane to your home, the duckpin bowling alley dimensions are the same. This means that duckpin bowling lanes can utilize the Profit Platform.

The Profit Platform & Duckpin Bowling Lanes

The Profit Platform Installation Rendering

When it comes to bowling alleys in the home, the first thing people think about is “ do we have the space?” Space is always a necessity even when it comes to duckpin bowling alley establishments.

The Profit Platform is an innovative way to increase usable space. Whether it's for storage purposes or hosting an event, The Profit Platform fits directly over your duckpin bowling lanes creating a platform of usable space that is sturdy and efficient.

This is ideal for duckpin bowling alley businesses that want to host concerts, weddings, speeches or any other function that requires available space.

When it comes to duckpin bowling alley establishments, the Profit Platform is a great way to increase overall profits, providing a whole new set of possibilities for your business to embark on.

Duckpin bowling prices can increase if there is a show or event that people want to attend. Your bar purchases increase as there are more people visiting your establishment. People spread the word about events and bring their friends. The Profit Platform is a great way to offer more to your customers while increasing your ROI.

For bowling alleys in the home, the Profit Platform works with you to save valuable space. When your duckpin bowling alley is not in use you can cover it with the Profit Platform to incorporate short term storage, host events and more. The Profit Platform allows you to utilize your space as you see fit, turning a duckpin bowling lane into a usable platform for your home or business when it's not in use.

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