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Home Bowling Alley Questions Answered

Home bowling Alley Questions Answered

Why Install an In-Home Bowling Alley WITH a Profit Platform?

Kingpins Worldwide has been serving bowling alley owners for years. While there are other companies offering in-home bowling alley design and installation, we offer you a way to maximize that space and turn it into a multi-purpose installation full of entertainment possibilities.

One major concern people have when considering installing a bowling alley in their home is how much space it will take up that cannot be used for other activities. From main floor to basement home bowling alleys, they typically have two bowling lanes. With enough space, homeowners can opt for regulation bowling alleys, but many homeowners opt for custom sizes designed around their space.

Home Bowling Alley Dimensions | Home Bowling Alley Length

At minimum, the alley space needs to be at least 27 feet in length and 7 feet wide. That doesn’t include space needed in the back for the mechanics of the pin machine or space on the side for walkways to access that. Also, don’t forget home bowling alley installers will also be including some space for the approach to the lane, home bowling alley equipment like the ball return, storage, and seating.

Thus, your mini or regulation home bowling alley size could take up anywhere from 500 to 2,000 square feet! While the bowling alley itself can certainly provide entertainment to justify that kind of square footage real estate in your home, why not make the uses for that space endless instead?

Residential Home Bowling Alley | Home Bowling Alley Construction

By supplementing your in-home bowling alley with our platform, residential bowling alley builders can transform that space into a variety of uses, utilizing that square footage as a performance stage, a platform for the evening’s temporary bar, and so much more. The in-home alley itself also provides a variety of games you can play, including Duckpin Bowling, which uses shorter pins to make getting a strike even more difficult.

A Fully Stocked Private Home Bowling Alley

Installation of the platform is easy, needing no professional assistance. Check out a time-lapse of us installing a full-size platform at a bowling alley. In the typical one to two lane in-home alleys, this type of installation would take only a couple of hours.

How Much To Install A Bowling Alley In Your Home? | Residential Bowling Alley Price

A common question is, how much is a bowling alley in your house? Well, commercial bowling alleys (bowling centers) are estimated to cost around $45,000 to build each individual lane. This is if they are using all new equipment, chairs and mechanics.

However, purchasing second hand bowling equipment and components will drastically lower this price. So what is an average home bowling alley price? The cost of a home bowling alley will more than likely range from $18,000 to $45,000 depending on the design and the space in question.

Home Bowling Alley Pictures | Home Bowling Alley Ideas

Luxury Residential Home Bowling Alley

Why Install an In-Home Bowling Alley in the First Place?

With the amount of space and expense, many homeowners wonder why they should even consider a bowling installation in the first place. But there are so many reasons why this is exactly what your home needs!

For Homeowners: Building A Bowling Alley in Your Own Home

Bowling is a sport that is even older than chess! Originating more than 7,000 years ago, bowling is now “played by 120 million people in more than 90 countries, including 70 million in the United States alone”

Bowling is a game that can be played an entire lifetime, from using the bumpers during childhood to playing well into your oldest decades. It’s a fantastic way to casually exercise, especially in your senior years as it encourages whole-body movement and flexes the muscles in the arms, legs, and back.

Band Playing Over Bowling Lanes Using The Profit Platform

Additional bonuses of installing an indoor bowling alley to your house is that it is an all-season form of entertainment, ideal for families, parties, and roommates. The game also strengthens the player's mental fitness.

A customized in-home bowling alley will also distinguish your home, making yours THE location for family and friend gatherings over and over and again.

For Those Listing Properties for Vacation Renters

If you are developing a vacation home with a bowling alley to rent to vacationers, your timing has never been better, with the increase in travelers opting to stay-in on their vacations or find unique stays.

On AirBnB alone, 14,000 new hosts are joining each month in 2021, probably because of the expansive growth in travelers looking for vacation home options. In 2021, there were 356.9 million nights booked, which was an increase from the 251.1 million nights in 2020.

According to a luxury vacation home rental website, VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner), “Families are staying at vacation homes longer; there has been a 68% increase in 21-30-day stays on Vrbo.” Demand for vacation rentals has surged, which has led to more listings Thus, tap into this lucrative market while also distinguishing your property as an entertainment-central!

As Vrbo found even back in 2019, “demand for larger format rentals like Castles & Estates rose 55% and 25% respectively.” Imagine how many prospective vacationers you could draw by adding not only an in-home bowling alley but also a stage!

Click here to learn more about in-home bowling alleys from an interview with All American Bowling.

What is the Profit Platform and Why Do I Need It?

Again, the number one hesitation for clients considering installation of an indoor bowling alley at home is how much space it takes up and limiting their options of how to use that space flexibly. Our Profit Platform allows you to utilize the alley square footage for more than just bowling! It’s easy to assemble, disassemble, and store, so you can switch easily back and forth to adjust to your space needs for the moment.

You don’t want to use the bowling alley flooring for anything other than bowling, since the pitch of the floors and flooring material must be maintained pristinely in order for your alley to work for bowling. Especially with all of the intricately-engineered equipment running up and down adjacent to the alley and beneath the alley floors, you can’t just put a wooden board over the lanes and call it a platform.

Our platform is engineered using a simple two component design that links together

down the lane along with 2 x 4's that bridge across lanes

to link up assemblies. All you have to do then is add a plywood floor.

Profit Platform Foundation Diagram

Profit Platform Parts

The Profit Platform Installation Reference

Profit Platform Part

*We are proud to make our product in the USA using recycled plastics to help our environment.

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