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Top 5 Non-Bowling Revenue Generators for Your Bowling Center

The Profit Platform allows you to expand your revenue generation beyond the lanes. Members of our team have over 75 years of experience building, managing, and growing successful bowling enterprises and facilities. Operators around the globe are leaving money on the table by not exploring expansion of their bowling business models during off-peak hours. The Profit Platform is the solution, offering the fastest return on investment of any capital equipment purchase on the market.

Let's take a look at the top five ways in which the Profit Platform can increase your revenue and customer base:

1. Concerts, Performances, and Live DJs

The Profit Platform is the perfect way to easily turn your lanes into a stage! Whether you have a Friday night DJ on two lanes or choose to turn your center into a concert venue with dance floor, we have the solution to bring a new calendar of events to your center.

2. Private Events and Parties

Current clients have hosted wedding receptions, private parties, business team building events and more - all on their lanes. With the holiday season fast approaching, we can provide fast turnaround and guidance to help you set up your events plan before December hits.

3. Pop-up Restaurant

We all know that COVID changed everything, including the restaurant business model. Businesses displaced out of their brick-and-mortar venues to up and coming food entrepreneurs with ghost kitchens are always looking for well-equipped facilities to operate from. Why not create some buzz for your center and become a pop-up kitchen venue? Whether you turn your whole facility into a Wednesday night dining hotspot, or incorporate pop-up vendors into your regular bowling nights, the Profit Platform can make occupiable space on your lanes to accommodate and model.

4. Yoga or Community Classes or Gatherings

Morning bowling isn't necessarily a hot ticket - so why not maximize your space with a regular calendar of morning events? The Profit Platform is designed to be easily installed and stored on a regular basis, so the sky is the limit when it comes to pivoting from daytime to evening events. It's time to reach out to local instructors, community groups, churches, and more to reserve your covered lanes.

5. Use Your Imagination!

From morning to night, opportunities exist to plug in events and generate buzz throughout the year in your bowling center. Give us a call for recommended packages based on your needs. 706-KINGPIN (706-546-4746)

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